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Hi, I'm David C.
I was diagnosed in 2016. After some tests and an ultrasound it was determined to be an autoimmune condition. My platelets have increased from 35,000 briefly touching 151,000 and the past couple o...
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Hi, I'm Betti
It's my understanding some chemo. drugs can cause blood numbers to drop and that's why they do blood tests prior to infusions to make sure you can do chemo. that day or have to reschedule.
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Hi, I'm Tally Z
Hi people. On January 2013, for squamous cell cancer of right tonsil and adenoids, I started chemo, followed by surgery, then radiation. By end of May, I was done. In July, I ate something I did no...
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I'm Donna G B., and I'm a survivor of Breast Cancer
I live in Michigan, sorry it took so long to respond. I'm preparing for hernia surgery now and have been quite consumed with all of the doctor's visits and testing I'm not sure when they're going...
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Hi, I'm Kelly D S.
My name is Kelly, 55 from Indiana. I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Vulvar Cancer Stage 1 (carcinoma in situ). Modified radical vulvectomy surgery with left Inguinal lymph node dissection Feb 201...
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I'm Marylisa, and I'm a survivor of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
I have been on Tasignia for a year now. I just noticed today that 1/3 Of the back of my head is bald. I am shocked and devastated. My hair has been coming out after washing it a lot but I didn't k...
  • Fri Aug 17, 2018 ·
Hi, I'm Josiah C L.
I felt the same way, very tired and wore out even when i got plenty of sleep and have always been healthy. i start chemo on the 20th so i cant speak for that. My petscan also revealed that it has s...
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I'm bcbcbc55, and I'm a survivor of Stage 3 Melanoma
I hope the best for everyone here. I am male and a stage 3b melanoma patient. I won't go into my treatments and new drugs because its off topic. But in the above note what was the large hospita...
  • Thu Aug 16, 2018 ·
Hi, I'm Robert P.
I am also on Rituximab maintenance for 2 years with severe itching on my shins. No pain. My oncologist assures me it is not caused by chemo. I read where others on Rituximab have severe itching & ...
  • Thu Aug 16, 2018 ·
Hi, I'm Cozy
Thanks for the response. I’m on RChop and it’s the red medicine they give me. I believe Doxirubicon that blocks the tear ducts So will need to see eye doctor to open. Per my oncologist. I know w...
  • Wed Aug 15, 2018 ·

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