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Hi, I'm Bess W
Thank you for posting. I don't check in often. Nice to have a connection with someone going thru the same condition. While on Velcade I had no appetite and food seriously made me gag. In 4 mo...
  • Wed Sep 29, 2021 · Like3
Hi, I'm James M N.
where are you in the diagnosis and treatment phases. I was diagnosed with clear cell renal Ca, in fact about 85% are this type. you can see my experience posted recently.
  • Tue Sep 28, 2021 ·
Hi John, I'll answer since I'm online. I haven't heard from Betty in over a year? I never did have her personal contact info just knew her from here. I get my year 5 CT in March - actually on the d...
  • Tue Sep 28, 2021 · Like2
Hi, I'm Mary E S.
I will start XELODA in afew weeks. Looks like lots of bad side affects....anyone had experience with it? I will take b y mouth twice daily for a week, then rest a week. Thanks. MES
  • Mon Sep 20, 2021 ·
Hi, I'm Nancy T
I looked this up online and I think it stands for Eosinophils - one type of white blood cell. Mine have also been high most every week. It is due to the cancer your body is fighting. It can go l...
  • Fri Sep 17, 2021 · Like1
Hi, I'm Jackie Lee
I am 20 years post treatment of stage 2 anal cancer .I remember the burns and the pain so well ! I didn’t wear underwear for several weeks after treatment, and wore short nightgowns . I spent a lot...
  • Thu Sep 16, 2021 · Like4
Hi, I'm Susan B
I was diagnosed with ET in 2017 after my having labs done with my PCP and he sent me to a hematologist. I then had a bone marrow biopsy which showed I have the JAK2 gene mutation. I was on Aspiri...
  • Wed Sep 15, 2021 ·
Hi, I'm Nancy T
It is so scary and anxiety is high when first diagnosed. There seems to be so much no one knows yet. I was diagnosed in April with two lumps, one I had for several years and was told "no changes" ...
  • Wed Sep 15, 2021 · Like3
Hi, I'm Boymom
Do you have questions re this? The event is coming up shortly and will be held virtually...but you still need a free ticket and there will be great auction items to bid on! All money goes exclusi...
  • Thu Sep 9, 2021 ·
Hi, I'm Kolirene
Hello! I had surgery to remove a tumor and the lower half of my left lung on 7/1/21. I was 36 (now 37), and a lifetime non smoker. They caught the tumor during an emergency CT thinking my append...
  • Thu Sep 9, 2021 ·

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